WAIS Thanks Veyzi Ozcan

WAIS thanks Veysi Ozcan for his contribution to its survival and development fund. Veyzi is from Turkey, and he is now a member of Stanford's Department of Applied Physics.  To educate myself I read what the Stanford Bulletin has to say about this department.  Some of its multiple activities are carried out at the Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC), a national facility operated by Stanford.  It is buried in the hills I can see from my window.  One course caught my attention: Professional Ethics for Physicists. I never thought about unethical physicists.  Of more global importance is Turkey, to which we should pay more attention, especially now that its entry into the EU is being debated. Many French politicians oppose it.  They probably do not know that in the nineteenth century French Positivists promoted Constantinople as the world capital, since it is where Europe meets Asia.

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Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: November 20, 2004