WAIS Thanks Bob Helliwell

WAIS thanks good WAISer Bob Helliwell, Stanford Professor of Electrical Engineering Emeritus, for his contribution to its survival and development fund.  On this California November day I am sitting here with the sunlight streaming through the windows.  It is so warm that I have taken off my pullover. That takes me to my interview with Bob for the WAIS TV series.  Most of his account was about his many trips to Antarctica, where there is something of special interest in his field of research. He did not once complain about the cold, and he has emerged hale and hearty. I am more like the baby polar bear who said to its mother: I don't care what you say, I'm COLD.  Why did I choose to study countries where I can enjoy the sun: France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Latin America?  Why did I settle in California? It must be divine providence. I have been cold twice in the tropics: once in Curitiba, Brazil, where the hotel had no heating, and once in Riobamba, Ecuador at the foot of Mount Chimborazo, once deemed the highest moontain in the world.  The great Alexander von Humboldt climbed it, something I would never dream of doing. He and Bob Helliwell are kindred spirits.

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last updated: November 20, 2004