WAIS Thanks Patrick Suppes

WAIS thanks Patrick Suppes for his kind contribution to the WAIS survival and development fund. Some WAISers are generous; others are not. Such is humanity. WAISers should know more about Pat's important work, so I consulted Google and selected this item from the Lauener Symposium to which an earlier posting made reference. For more information, Google, to use a new verb.

1st International Lauener Symposium on Analytical Philosophy
in honour of Patrick Suppes

 Prof. Dr. Patrick Suppes
(Stanford University)
A Revised Agenda for the Philosophy of Mind

      Historically, the central focus of the philosophy of mind has moved away from the long tradition that extends from Aristotle's De Anima to Hume's Treatise of Human Nature. This tradition tried to provide elements of a theory of perception and of learning.
      Many details were necessarily lacking, but a systematic survey of the functions of the mind was expected. Philosophy of mind in the twentieth century moved away from many parts of this tradition. I propose to revive it, with the additional consideration of what has been learned about the mind in modern psychology and about the brain in modern neuroscience. Three fundamental topics will be emphasized: the central role of processes of perception, methods of computation embodied in brain activity, and the nature of language processing in the brain.

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