WAIS Thanks Jon Kofas

WAIS thanks Jon Kofas for his contribution to its survival and development fund. The envelope bore a 37-cent with a nasty-looking goat, a Chinese inscription and in minuscule letters "Happy  New Year".  The Republican administration has gone multi-cultural. An angry goat is scarcely a symbol of happiness.  Like Harry Papasotirious, Jon is Greek born. I raised the question as to whether the Arab alphabet is a wall dividing the Arab world from the West. One could ask a similar question about the Greek alphabet or alpha beta. The Cyrillic alphabet is closer to the Greek one than the Latin  one. Greeks must feel a historical kinship with Russia and the Slavs..  That takes us to a bigger question.  Once when I was in Greece the generals were trying to impose a more classical spelling, presumably to make Greeks prouder of their ancient historical heritage.  That presumably meant Alexander "the Great". Is he a divisive figure in Greece as the Cid is in Spain? Was he Greek? Was he great or just a young megalomaniac? Jon and Harry must have some views on this, probably different ones.

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Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: November 24, 2004