WAIS Thanks Margaret Mackenzie

WAIS thanks Margaret Mackenzie, the wife of geographer  David Hooson, for her contribution to its survival and development fund. Margaret, who is an anthropologist, us spending sic months doing research in Rapperswil near Zürich as a guest of the Future Foundation.  She attaches an article from the Linth Zeitung (10/25/94) about her work. She is studying the dance of the dead, which is still performed every seven years during the spring  in southern Germany.  It goes back to the Black Death in the Middle Ages, when members of the Coopers Guild persuaded those who had survived the plague to come out of their houses and dance. The coopers come with hoops around them decorated with greenery.  How the coopers became involved in this is not clear to me.  Perhaps they also made coffins.  Margaret has studied the medieval sources and modern expressions of it as in the danse macabre of composers like Liszt and Ravel.  Margaret has also sent me an article from FT Magazine about 25 wealthy individuals who are devoting their lives to doing good.  Among them is WAISer Stephan Schmidheiny, who stresses the environment and sustainable development. In conjunction with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development he prepared a pamphlet Changing Course for the UN Rio Summit.

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