WAIS Thanks Hank Levin

WAIS thanks Hank Levin for his contribution to its survival and development fund: Hank (Henry M.) Levin is the William Heard Kilpatrick Professor of Economics and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University and the David Jacks Professor of Higher Education and Economics, Emeritus, Stanford University.  He is a specialist in the economics of education and has done work in Latin America, Spain, and China.  Levin had a second residence in Mexico for a decade and currently splits his time between homes in New York and Barcelona.  He is also on the faculty of Peking University as a permanent Guest Professor.  His recent books are o(Elgn:  Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (Sage 2001), Privatizing Education (Westview 2002) , and The Economics of Higher Education (Elgar 2003).

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last updated: November 28, 2004