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ROADTRIP!! WAIS in Mexico 12.01.03 - 12.11.03

Linda Nyquist describes the group tour of Mexico she isplanning:

"We would welcome with open arms any WAISer who would like to accompany us. We are going to Mexico City on December 1st and spending the night at an airport hotel (Plaza Aeropuerto).

On the morning of December 2nd, I have charter a bus to take us to Puebla, and we will visit the ex-hacienda of Cuahtla en route, the church of Tonanzintla, some of Cholula, etc. and then stay at theCamino Real in Puebla for 2 nights.

Then the bus will take us to Oaxaca, where we will stay for 7 nights at the Mision de los Angeles. I'll be very happy to send anyone who is interested information.

We received substantial discounts on the hotels and are basically just dividing the expenses. Thus, we are spending $729. each for 10 nights of hotels, the transportation, taxes, tips to the staff and porters, airport transfers in Oaxaca, some gifts for the individuals who helped put this together for us, guide fees, etc (that's per person, double). Single rooms are available. Meals are extra.

So far, we are 19 people, most of whom have been in Oaxaca before. Once in Oaxaca, small groups will form to visit ruins and villages of interest so that tours can be made at very low cost. Probably $10-15 dollars or so. We plan to have a very good time.

I'll be happy to provide information to anyone who wants to contact me".

It sounds like a great opportunity to me. Linda knows Mexico as few other Americans do. It is not clear to me if those joining the group fly to Mexico City on their own and met at the Hotel Aeropuerto, or if the group is flying together from some point in the US. Linda can clarify that point.

Ronald Hilton - 10.02.03