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A unique event 20/02 or 02/20/02

Several WAISers have pointed out that in America, dates are usually mm/dd/yy, eg 2/20/02. In Europe, dates are more often, so 02/20/02 would be 20/02/02.The military always put the 0s in. I don't know of there is any international agreement on this, but the different usages might lead to confusion. Some have asked if we should go by local time or Greenwich mean time, and others have proposed different ways for WAIS to celebrate the event. Actually 02/02/02 would have been more worthy of note, but we missed that. I suggest that each WAISer celebrate at home, or, if he wants a real celebration, he could celebrate for 24 hours as the date moves around the globe. Remember the centennial celebrations? Tonga v. New Zeland!

Ronald Hilton - 2/18/02