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WAIS Conference...accompanied by an annual job

If you have not received the announcement of the conference on "Globalizations: Reflections on the State of the World: Globalization and Its Discontents", please inform me.

There are one or two things I do fairly well. Many I do poorly; one is raising money. I have myself become allergic to giving money. If I give money to a good cause, within a week or two, the good cause duns me again. For this reason, we restrict WAIS appeals to one a year, in the Fall. A kind and unrequested gift from John Wonder has prompted me to start this years´s campaign.

In addition to the routine expenses in connection with WAIS, we need to build up our endowment, which is minuscule. My main concern is keeping WAIS going when I am forced to quit. I hope WAIS stays at Stanford, but if my experience is any guide, if I were simply to present it as a noble cause, the administration would spare me five minutes. Were I to go with a well-financed operation, I would get a smile, a handshake, or a warm embrace, depending on the amount. Of course, the new administration may set new standards of nobility.

This year I am tying the fund-raising to the WAIS conference (July 29-31, 2001). All will have to pay an advance registration fee of $25, or $35 at the conference desk. The aim is to reduce the confusion at the desk as much as possible. It is for this reasons that I am sending this message to the forums which are springing up around WAIS.

WAISers may wish to give more generously. Of the amount received, $25 will be set aside as a registration fee. Checks should be made of to WAIS and sent to me at the Hoover Institution, Stanford, CA 94305-6010. For tax purposes you will receive an e-mail receipt.

This arrangement will enable us to know how many people intend to attend the conference, which will make planning much easier. Please get the word around, and thank you. Ronald Hilton.

PS. Please note the dates, July 29 to 31, 2001. On the afternoon of Sunday, July 29, we plan to have an open house at my home, "The Hesperides".

Ronald Hilton - 9/23/00