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Conformity and Non-conformity

     WAISers are ideologically non-conformists, which stimulates an interesting exchange of views. However, typographically, I appeal to them to be conformists. WAIS uses Times New Roman, large. It is the most readable type. Part of my job is to go though the messages received and post those, in whole or in part, which add to the discussion. I also have the tedious job of correcting misspellings.
     My task is complicated by the variety of type sizes in which messages come. Some are so small that they are almost illegible. Sometimes I can trick the message into the right size and even the right font, but often this is impossible, however many tricks I try. As for messages in capitals, there is no way to reduce them to lower case.
     Moral: Please be non-conforming conformists! Thanks.

Ronald Hilton - 5/27/00