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Hilton's Decision is Irrevocable

     Stanford, CA (NAP 2/6): At a press conference, Ronald Hilton said he had been flooded with messages about his decision to withdraw from the presidential race. Many said it was a wise thing. Hilton wondered what they meant. One message came from Konrad Lorenz, the world famous specialist in ethology (the study of animal behavior to explain that of humans). He has specialized in geese. He said that in bird politics, geese never rise to the top. There are two parties, the Roosters and the Mockingbirds, and Hilton was neither, so he was wise to quit. Hilton said he didn't know how to take that either. To put an end to the confusion, he announced that he would not run, and if nominated, he would not accept the nomination.

Ronald Hilton - 2/6/00