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Miles Seeley, Author

     I asked Miles Seeley about his book Desert Fire. He replied;  
     "Desert Fire" is what my sister calls "an airplane book," a short piece of fiction about a KGB-inspired revolution in a Persian Gulf Emirate, and our hero's attempts to counter it. It is the sort of fiction you would not want anything to do with, since it has no real social value. It was fun to write and some readers have found it a fast and enjoyable read. I have wanted to write ever since my courses with Stegner at Stanford, but other careers kept getting in the way. I incorporate bits and pieces of my real-life CIA experiences, but it is all fictionalized. Since I am marketing the book myself (it is print-on-demand) a friend suggested attaching that tag line to all emails. If I sell 100 copies I recoup my investment, but frankly the real thrill comes just from seeing my story bound and printed.
     My book "Desert Fire" is available from and

Ronald Hilton - 5/27/00