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WAIS Supporters

Here is the list of those who have contributed this season to the WAIS survival and development fund:
Eric Boehm, Steve Buergi, Henry Carlisle, Justin Carreno, John Eipper, Robert Gard, Dick Hancock, Maurice Harari, Robert Helliwell, Ronald Hilton, Edgar Knowlton, Margaret Mackenzie, Scotty McLennan, Linda Nyquist, Dick and Pat Payne, Adriana Pena, Dwight Peterson, Siegfried Ramler, Stuart Rawlings, Les Robinson, Robert Romeo, Aldo da Rosa, Norman Sacks, George Sassoon, Miles Seeley, Paul Simon, John Stahr, Michael Sullivan, Steve Torok, John Wonder,

Again, I apologize for any omissions, which I wish to rectify. Since it not yet 5 a.m., I cannot check the mail, and I will add the names of those who contributed after this list was drafted. Some have asked what is the appropriate amount to contribute. We leave that up to the individuals, since they are equal in WAISdom but not in income. The average is probably $100, but any amount is esteemed as a gesture. I will not close the books for another ten days, so there is still time. Better late than never. And my sincere thanks again.

Ronald Hilton - 1/2/03