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WAISdom and its Wisdom

     WAIS properly includes members representing very different viewpoints, with opposite positions on current issues. Regarding capitalism and its critics, we have at one extreme those who simply assert that American-style capitalism is the best system. They may be right, but they are a minority in the world, and the critics should be understood.
     One who does is the conservative Arnaud de Borchgrave, whose perceptive pieces I have followed for years. Belgian by birth, he does not have just a national perspective; he is now Editor in chief of United Press International He has in Insight (1/10/00) a piece of required reading about the Seattle protests against the WTO entitled "WTO Protests Portend Grave New World.".
     On the issue of war and peace, WAIS resolutely supports peace, but it is only intelligent to understand the dynamics of very complicated situations. We will not revive the folly of the proponents of unilateral disarmament, who thought that it would induce Hitler to disarm. Christianity is the religion of peace, but in its early centuries it was forced to develop the doctrine of just war, since otherwise the West would have been overrun by the Muslims, who invented he idea of a holy war (jihad), at great cost to humanity. With this reservation, there is a vast area of reasonable disagreement on questions of war and peace.

Ronald Hilton - 1/13/00