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A Christmas Message

Odds and ends under this Christmas tree:

Remember Christmas. "God rest you merry, Gentlemen, Let nothing you dismay." Sorry, it does. Again, Christmas is Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark. Normally excellent Spanish TV celebrated Christmas by devoting almost all its newscast today to rejoicing and swilling by the few who won the Christmas lottery, with no mention of the millions of mostly poor people who lost, the poor people about whom Good King Wencelas was concerned. Spain compounds this stupidity by making it an honor for children to select the winning numbers. Was Azaņa right when he said that "Spain is no longer Catholic"? Anyone with any sense of what Christmas is all about must say "Bah! Humbug!" to our pseudo-Christmas. My Christmas is brightened by the Three Wise men, etc., whom Jaqui White sent me. I declare them Honorary WAIS men. May all WAIS folk have a Merry Christmas!

This is the season of the WAIS Development Fund. Thanks to those who have sent in their tax-deductible donation. Those who still wish to do so should make out their checks to WAIS and send then to WAIS, Hoover Institution, Stanford, CA 94305-6010. All donors receive a complimentary registration to our 2001 conference. All others pay, and the amount goes from $25 to $30 on January 1. The registration counts as membership in WAIS, with conference rights.

Plans for the conference advance daily. WAISers have asked if we plan to issue flyers. The answer is no. We depend on you to forward information about the conference to groups and individuals you know to be interested. Send it as an e-mail Chistmas card. If you have not received or have erased the information, please let me know.

The conference is organized by sessions. We posted a list of the chairmen. Questions about each session should be addressed to them. if they wish, they may consult me. I plan to ask them soon how their sessions are shaping up. We wish to encourage discussion, so the groups will be kept at a reasonable size.

A bold step. A slight plurality of WAISers favored bold type. The others were divided almost evenly between those who did not care and those who preferred ordinary type. The last group will presumably get used to bold type. If not, it is easy to have your computer suppress the bold.

Drive carefully on your computers!

Ronald Hilton - 12/22/00