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Happy Easter ?!

Diana Hull has kindly sent me a 3/31/99 memo from FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) which revives a New York Times article dated 11/1/87 (!) giving a balanced picture of the state of Kosovo then. It described the hatred between Serbs and Kosovars and the fear of the Serbs because of the nationalism and breeding rate of the Albanians, who dreamed of a greater Albania with its capital not in Tirana but in Pristina. This fear was real. Think if a Mexican government preached a Greater Mexico! ( it might happen).

The point is that we pay no attention to places like Kosovo until they erupt, and then we simplify the news. It is unfortunate that there are few people like WAISers, who attempt to keep an eye on what is going on everywhere. Even academic specialists tend to concentrate on their research area and to neglect the worldwide picture.

Some writers are prescient. In Black Lamb and Grey Falcon (1941), Rebecca West described the Serb attitude toward the sacred land of Kosovo. By the way, did you know that Rebecca West was a pen name taken by an English feminist (actually born in Ireland) from Ibsen´s play Rosmersholm? Why is there no cult of her among present-day feminists?

I wish all WAISers a happy Easter. The word is pagan, as are the bunny and Easter egg. Instead of those pagan symbols, the people of Spain and many Latin American countries celebrate the day with special dishes, which require a lot of cooking. Is this true of other Catholic countries?

The day is still celebrated in the old way, with religious processions featuring in Madrid much banging of drums and in Seville hooded marchers looking like Ku Klux Klansmen, but with only slits for the eyes. Did the KKK´s burning of the Cross originally symbolize the end of the Passion and the coming of Resurrection (of the South)? I don´t know, but KuKlux came from the Greek kuklos meaning "circle."

Christian Easter symbolizes the triumph of love over hate, which is scarcely evident today. Whereas the Pope issued a balanced Easter message appealing to both sides, and many Protestant organizations are raising money for the suffering Kosovars, I have yet to hear a word of sympathy for them from the Orthodox Church. This is surely a sin of omission.

One more reason for despising San Framcisco: The gays, lesbians and transvesities "celebrate¨ Easter Sunday by parading dressed as Nuns of Perpetual Indulgence. A street is blocked off for this "fun." The city council refused to heed a protest by Catholics that the parade should at least be rescheduled for another day. The Catholics were mocked. It sounds more like Good Friday than Eastern Sunday. The trouble is the mockers know what they do.

Happy Easter!!

Ronald Hilton - 04/04/99