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Memorial Day

Mike Sullivan reports "I was invited to attend three Memorial Day ceremonies in different parts of eastern North Carolina, and in each service they focused on those that had died in battle. They honored the men and women who had served in previous wars as many veterans from World War II on were present wearing their identifying caps, badges or American Legion memorabilia. Each ceremony was in good taste, very solemn and there was a total absence of touting any kind of military victories, jingoism or new technologies. Flag raising cermonies that symbolized the sacrifice of those that had died in the various wars since World War I were particularly simple and moving. I felt very proud, yet humbled, to be an American veteran and being able to share in the American way of life that those who paid the ultimate sacrifice made possible". RH: I am really glad that some remembered what Memorial Day is all about.

Ronald Hilton - 5/26/03