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Merry Christmas from around the world

"I wish to thank the many WAISers who have sent me greetings from around the world, including one from Peter Orne in "cold and snowy Rockland, Maine". Maine is the only state in the union I do not know, so I resorted to my reference books to study it. The coast of Maine is indented with many bays, the largest of which is Pennbscot Bay, which is the estuary of the river of the same name.. Bangor is on the river, which flows from the eastern end of the Appalachians in the almost empty north of the state. The biggest population concentration is around Portland in the southwestern tip of the state. Acadia National Park is in the eastern part of the Bay. The coast attracts tourists, the almost empty interior hunters and bird lovers. Maine is famous for its potatoes, so it should attract lovers of fish and chips. There are therefore four main reasons for visiting Maine. Take your choice. I prefer to stay in sunny Palo Alto.

Ronald Hilton - 12/25/01