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To WAISers, a Happy New Year! ...And then?

     First, I must thanks WAISers for their contributions to our Development Fund: They vary in size, but they are all welcome as tokens of appreciation. The annual drive has ended, but, if there are laggards, their help will always be welcome.
     Membership in WAIS is by invitation, and we keep out nasty, ignorant, and crazy people. These abound, alas. Catholic countries celebrate today the Day of the Holy Innocents in memory of the slaughter of children by Herod, which is human nature's retort to Christmas. The fate of such solemn events is again illustrated by the fact that it is the day for playing practical jokes on people. Some joke, the fate of those children!
     Then there are the crazies. There is at Boston University a Center for Millennium Studies, which is having its once in a thousand years fifteen minutes of glory. A meeting there featured papers about various types of millennial madness. Some crazies want to use the millennium to provoke a worldwide disaster.
     Being sane, good people, WAISers need not worry. I advise them again, like me, to greet the New Year and the new millennium Tonga time and in the Tonga spirit. Well, not quite. The Tonga men hold parties at which the men drink their local brew, while the women sit there soberly to make sure the men get home all right. Can any one tell me if I am right in thinking that there are far more male crazies than female ones?
     Not among WAISers. We have none, God bless you all.

Ronald Hilton - 12/28/99