More Seasonal Messages

Happy New Year

      My habit of welcoming the New Year asleep has received mixed comments.
Some, like General Gard, approve. My former student Jaqui White disapproves
sharply. I should have foreseen this. At Bolivar House parties she was
indispensable, and also in the social program of our 1996 conference. She
recommends going to Lubec, Maine, to greet the New Year. I had never heard
of the place, but it exists.  Jaqui is a strong supporter of my campaign on
behalf of geography. However, I would just as soon sleep my way into the
New Year in sunny California. She is preparing a big party for New Year's
Eve, 1999 on Padre Island, and she wants me to be the life of it. I
politely refuse: I read that it is forbidden to wear a tie on Padre Island.
Moreover, I could not compete with Jaqui.  Rodney Beard points out that in
San Francisco police action was necessary to quell  disgraceful street
festivities which did a great amount of damage. Remember that San Francisco
is the Paris of the West. Bah! Humbug!

Ronald Hilton - 03/01/99