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This being the day when Americans gobble gobble turkey, I am protecting Les Robinson's peaceful turkey against human predators, whom I warn that it is an American, i.e. tough bird. Thanksgiving is also a good day for the WAIS Phoenix, on my behalf, to thank Paul Simon for his contribution to the Save the WAIS Fund. For those with good intentions: Please send your contributions before the end of the year, in fact as soon as possible, for the reason mentioned below. Ronald Hilton, Hoover Institution, Stanford, CA 94305-6010 is again the simplest address.

Thanksgiving for me: I shall say "Thank God" when I finish the job to which I am devoting the day. The turkey I am talking is the annual financial record of WAIS. It is a chore which I dislike, and it is especially messy this year because of the WAIS conference. Thank God for Fred Hansson, our honorary treasurer, who takes my figures and puts them into the shape California and the US require at the end of the year. Fred advises me that I should itemize all gifts of $100 or over so that the donors are sure to get their tax-exemption. Unfortunately, because of the conference, my records are shall we say incomplete, so would those of you who have, or will have donated $100 or more in 2001 please so inform me, stating the amount? Thanksforgiving.

Ronald Hilton - 11/22/01