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THANKSGIVING among Mexican Americans

San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio, Texas may well be the most widely known Catholic church in the US, because every Sunday mass there can be seen over national TV.. It is a very attractive service, greatly appreciated by those too old or unwell to attend personally and by those living at a distance. Stanford Memorial Church has an excellent choir. Why cannot its Sunday service be broadcast for the same reasond? Dean of Religious Life Scotty McLennan, please note.

Today, Sunday, San Fernando held a special Thanksgiving service, It was an unusually colorful affair, since the El Paso Mariachi choir, dressed in attractive red costumes, took part. More surprising, on this occasion representatives of all (?) the US Indian tribes attended. Presumably they were mostly from Texas Indian tribes, but apparently some came from out of the state. On Thanksgiving Day there will be an ecumenical service, bringing together peoples of all races and creeds. Thanksgiving is thus being celebrated by Mexican Americans, with stress on the fact that the first Thanksgiving brought together Indians and Christians.

Here are two questions to which we would like answers. How far has the celebration of Thanksgiving spread abroad? It would be a better export than the dreadful pop culture which has created the world image of the US. Secondly, what percntage of American Indian tribes are Catholic?

Ronald Hilton - 11/18/01