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To hell with "Halloween"!

Life is a constant struggle between good and evil, and all too often evil wins. I posted a sensitive piece by a Mexican student at Stanford about the Day of the Dead, aka Halloween, when Catholics remember their dead. Rob Gaudet noted this tradition in Austria. But our society is one in which death is dead. People pass on, and the Day of the Dead has become trick-or-treat, unhallowed Halloween. Stanford Latin Americans are divided. One announcement invites students to enjoy "la noche de las brujas", witches' night. Bay Area Hispanic communities are celebrating Halloween carnivals. That evil is defeating good is most evident in Honduras, where trick or treat is to be celebrated by kidnapping school children. Schools have been closed, and they are guarded by armed soldiers. Doubtless the Day of the Dead will be celebrated too in the traditional way in Honduras. But in a few years the Day of the Dead will probably be dead there and elsewhere. Devilishly dead. I pray that I am wrong.

Ronald Hilton - 10/31/02