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The Year of the Horse: Happy horses!!

Paul Simon greets the Year of the Horse (I think it should be called of the Red Herring):

"To all my friends I love so much; and those who've somehow fallen out of touch...
Gong xi Fa Cai (Gong Hay Fat Choy in Cantonese) (Congratulations on Getting Rich!)
and Wan Shi Ru Yi (May 10,000 things go your way)
in other words, Chun Jie Kuai Le! (Happy Lunar New Year's)
or as they say in Korea: Sae Hae Bogmani Baduseyo!
(Receive many good wishes happy Year of the Horse!)
Don't choke on any of those Korean and Japanese sticky rice cakes!
Make sure you eat fish to bring abundance,
Make sure you hang your decorations upside down so the luck doesn't run out of them.
Before you burn your "kitchen god"'s picture, be sure you smear jam on his mouth
so he can only report sweet things about you to heaven.
You also might find it easier to just go to church and forget all this hoodoo-voodoo!
whatever you decide, Happy Lunar New Year's!"

Ronald Hilton - 2/11/02