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I had an agreement with the University of Brasília Press to publish a Portuguese translation of the biography of Percival Farquhar by Charles Gauld.  Then I received a letter saying that the translation was complete, but that the press did not have enough money to print it. I wondered if the reason was not really nationalism, since there were wild rumors that the US planned to take over Amazonia, where Farquhar's enterprises were located. My suspicion would seem to be justified by an article David Fleischer has sent me on the TV series in which Tony Ramos plays the part of Farquhar.  The article is titled " "Tony's Villain was a Titan", the epithet used in the title of Gauld's book.

The title of the novel  by Marcio de Souza and of the TV series is "Mad Maria", which in itself is derogatory.  The article does not attribute the recent anti-Farequhar feeling  only to nationalists but to the socialists led by President Lula da Silva.  Nationalists and socialists fight, but they agree in hating Farquhar, whose achievements the article praises, calling him the greatest entrepreneur in Brazilian history.  It says Gauld's book is very rare, and that "there appears to be" a translation held by the University of Brasília. If "God is Brazilian", as the saying goes, the translation will be published. For more about Farquhar , see
: <> efmm-percival.htm
For the construction of theMadeira-Mamoré railway, see Trem Fantasma,
by Francisco Foot Hardman.

 David Fleischer sends this

Guide to the Percival Farquhar Papers

(Manuscript Group 205)



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  Farquhar, Percival, 1864-1953.

  Percival Farquhar papers


  7.50 linear ft.

  Gift of Charles Gauld, 1962, 1965-1967.

  Copyright has not been transferred to Yale University.

  The papers are in English and Spanish.

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  Percival Farquhar Papers. Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library.

  The papers consist of the business files and correspondence of Percival Farquhar. They document his role in the economic development of Brazil, in particular the Itabira Iron Ore Company. Correspondents include mining engineer Alexander Malozemoff, businessmen J. F. Trippet and Alexander MacKenzie, and aide J. Armstrong Read. Also included in the papers are the research materials used by Charles Gauld, Farquhar's biographer, in the writing of The Last Titan: Percival Farquhar, American Entrepreneur in Latin America.

Biographical Overview:
Percival Farquhar was born in York, Pennsylvania on October 19, 1864. He graduated from Yale College in 1884 and joined his father's New York based export company, which shipped machinery to Latin America. In 1885, Farquhar studied law briefly at Columbia Law School. After serving as an assemblyman in the New York state legislature from 1890 to 1892, he joined a friend's company developing electric railroads and real estate in New Jersey. In 1898, Farquhar began a long career of financial operations in Latin America to modernize tramways. From 1907 to 1914, he directed his attention and resources to the improvement of the ports and railroads of Brazil, in particular, the Madeira-Mamoré Railway and the Port of Para. He also established the Brazil Railway Company. From 1919 to 1941, Farquhar managed the Itabira project, designed to revive the Itabira Iron Ore Company and to build a railway to a new port near Vitória. Thwarted by nationalistic opposition and financial losses, the Itabira project did not succeed in his lifetime. Farquhar died in New York City on August 4, 1953.

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  Guide to the Percival Farquhar Papers (Manuscript Group 205)

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The papers consist primarily of business records from various companies with which Percival Farquhar was involved. The files attest to Farquhar's entrepreneurial ambitions in Brazil and those for the Itabira Iron Ore Company/Itabira Railway are particularly voluminous. The business papers are arranged alphabetically by company name and may contain correspondence; memoranda; reports; surveys; legal and financial documents; and related items. Farquhar's original arrangement of papers has been maintained. Correspondence with family members, listed alphabetically, is both personal and professional in nature, as Farquhar's family participated in his business ventures. There is also a small amount of memorabilia and photographs. Papers relating to Charles Gauld contain interviews, correspondence, research notes, and drafts compiled for the biography of Farquhar. Unpublished biographical material by Vivaldo Coaracy is also included in the papers.
  Contents   Box   Folder 
    Farquhar, Percival    
    Autobiography ["Notas Autobiográficas"]   1936   1   1 
    Business papers    
    General [primarily negotiations with lenders to raise capital]   1928-1943   1   2-5 
    Brazil Railway Company   1901-1946, 1956   1   6-14 
    Brazil Railway Company   1932-1943   2   15-22 
    Brazilian Iron Ore Company   1940   2   23 
    International Products Corporation   1931-1942   2   24-28 
    Itabira Iron Ore Company/Itabira Railway    
       1919-1930 Apr   3   29-41 
       1930 May-1940 Apr   4   42-57 
       1940 May-1944 Sep   5   58-71 
       1919-1945   6   72-85 
       1920-1942   7   86-97 
       1920-1943   8   98-111 
       1920-1946, 1954, 1963   9   112-124 
       1919-1953, n.d.   10   125-136 
       1922-1947   11   137-150 
       1911, 1920-1953   12   151-163 
       1921-1954, 1963   13   164-179 
       1927-1953   14   180-198 
       1933-1943, 1954, 1963   15   199-205 
       1938   15   206 
    Madeira-Mamoré Railway   1937-1951   15   207 
    Port of Para   1906-1943   15   208-211 
    Rio de Janeiro Tramway Light and Power Company   1935-1954   15   212 
    General, 1893   1929-1953   16   213-215 
    Coaracy, Vivaldo [includes partial draft of unfinished biography of Farquhar]   1943, n.d.   16   216 
    Farquhar, Cathya [wife]   1942-1943   16   217 
    Farquhar, Donald [son]   1939-1953   16   218-221 
    Farquhar, Francis [brother]   1932-1944, 1951, n.d.   16   222 
    Farquhar, George [son]   1930-1939   16   223-236 
    Farquhar, George [son]   1940-1951   17   237-241 
    Farquhar, Gordon [son]   1942-1948   17   242 
    Gomes, Olivo   1942-1951   17   243-244 
    Memorabilia   1920, 1929, 1940-1945   17   245 
    Photographs/negatives [includes Farquhar, Itabira]   1913, 1929-[194?], 1950, n.d.   17   246-247 
    Gauld, Charles [correspondence, writings, and research materials, pertaining to the biography of Percival Farquhar]   1915-1967   18   248-267 


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