CUBA: The death of Camilo Cienfuegos

When an airplane crashed and Camilo Cienfuegos was killed, was it an accident?

Christopher Jones writes: Huber Matos described how Camilo Cienfuegos called Fidel when he was carrying out his orders to arrest Matos.  Apparently, Camilo thought it was all a misunderstanding, and thought he could convince Castro to let the matter drop because his soldiers had found nothing during the search of Matos' house.  Matos recalled how Camilo was speaking to Fidel and suddenly, there was a long silence and Camilo's face went pale.  Matos said he knew that he was going to jail and that phone call had spelled the end for Camilo.  In fact, the pilot of the aircraft was very experienced and well known to the upper revolutionary echelons.  According to Matos, he would never have taken any risks with the Cessna.  Castro had Camilo bumped off.

Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: March 17, 2005