Re: Homosexual Marriages: World Pride 2005"

Michael Margulies says; This year, the largest international homosexual event, "World Pride 2005", will be held in Jerusalem, Israel with an expected attendance of +200K. By all accounts, this should be quite a show.

"The recent 22nd annual conference of InterPride
– The International Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered Pride Coordinators – has voted to accept the bid of the Jerusalem Open House (JOH) to host WorldPride 2005 in the Holy City. Over 150 delegates from 51 cities from around the world attended the conference, hosted by Divers/Cite in Montreal, Canada... InterPride began in 1981 when Lesbian and Gay Pride organizers met during a leadership conference. Today, more than 18 million people attend events planned by the over 75 InterPride member organizations. The conference is held in a different city each year."

According to CNN News, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism has announced it will not invest any funds in the event, and is concerned that it may actually hurt tourism to Israel in the long term.

Int'l Homosexual Pride Event Won't Help Tourism, Minister Says
By Julie Stahl, Jerusalem Bureau Chief

Jerusalem.  Israel's Ministry of Tourism will not invest any money in the international gathering of homosexuals scheduled to take place in 2005 in Jerusalem. Tourism Minister Benny Elon said the event will not contribute to Holy Land's tourism and in fact, it might alienate religious pilgrims who form the bulk of the tourist industry.
Jerusalem -- sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims - has been chosen as the location of WorldPride 2005, an international homosexual, bisexual, transgendered event, by InterPride, the International Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered (LGBT) Pride Coordinators. Local organizers have said that the 10-day event scheduled for August 2005 will likely include a major parade, concert, conferences on religion and homosexuality as well as other events.

RH:  This is clearly an in your face event.  The mainstream of all three religions condemn homosexuality. How many Jews are taking part? What will be the reaction of Jewish religious authorities?  The possibility of confrontations is obvious.

Black says: Walt Disney World has hosted a “Gay Days” event in Orlando for years, at least since 1994. Welcome banners, special rates for hotels and entry into the various parks, parades, costumes, you name it, the 50,000+ who show up for this special vacation enjoy themselves and most of the locals count their profits.
I recall driving into Orlando with my family a few years ago: At one intersection on the main boulevard were a bunch of religious zealots with signs proclaiming that “queers would burn in Hell.” At one next intersection were gays with signs stating “Fear God, not fags.” (Sic)

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