France and Anti-Americanism

From PAris, Carmen Negrin writes: Compared to what I have seen in Latin American, I don't think there has ever been real anti-Americanism in France.  The French are rather fascinated by the American myth and remember D Day. However, there has been and still is, but perhaps to a lesser extent - simply out of the boredom of repetitiveness, anti-Bushism, mainly because of the Iraq intervention. Had Bush waited for the UN inspections, either there would have been no war or France would have joined in. As for Bernard-Henry Lévy, he still is "à la mode", but he has lost his intellectual aura, not because of his pro-Americanism but because he is too mundane. He has been criticized recently for not being thorough enough in his research in his latest publications.

Christopher Jones writes: Peter Orne should know that "anti-Americanism" is not institutionalized in France. Bernard-Henri Lévy is an interesting case of a prominent French Jewish intellectual who suddenly fell in love with Ariel Sharon, and money.  He has joined ranks with other prominent Jewish intellectuals who regularly condemn Vladimir Putin for the war in Chechnya but who refuse to condemn Sharon tactics in the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.  For me, they are the worst sort of hypocritical left bank salon communists who, when push came to shove, revealed their real loyalty -- to Mammon and Zionism.  Revel on the other hand is an old school Atlanticist. -
From Paris, Alain de Benoist writes: Just a short remark : During D Day, 50 000 French civilians were killed by American bombings ; the losses of the German army were not so heavy.

Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: March 17, 2005