SCIENCE: Peer review

Christopher Jones comments on "The Burning of a Heretic", about an American scientist who was ostracized by his colleagues because he believed there is an Intelligent Design" (ID) in the universe: As someone who has no peers, I find these posts very disturbing.  It is a warning that some very "ordinary" academics are lurking out there and that they have a secret agenda to promote mediocrity and vulgarize genius.  It is a perfectly diabolical example of American bourgeois conformist attitudes that if allowed, would snuff out genius, where and whenever it appears  -- these jealous, petty "ordinary" people would condemn a Wagner, trash a Van Gogh or send a Rodin bronze back to the foundry to be smelted into motor parts and submerged in axle grease.  Where would mankind be if a Galileo had heeded "peer" pressure? or Columbus? or Mme Curie?  The list is endless.  

RH: Surely there has been plenty of peer pressure in Europe on scientists, eg Galileo, Darwin.  Also artists: eg Whistler.

Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: February 10, 2005