SPAIN Catalonia during the Nazi period

Christopher Jones writes: The connection between Fabra and Batista i Roca is well documented, although Batista i Roca was a master at hiding his influence in paramilitary youth organizations like PALESTRA.  In 1935, the ultra Catalanist student union BEN published in Ara!! a call for a "Catalunya totalitaria" that would encompass all Catalan speaking areas and Occitania.  In the Nosaltres Sols!  group, Cardona was seen as the ultra anti-Macianist*,hile Manuel Blasí was the great Germanophile, running back and forth to Berlin.  The Ahnenerbe under Hermann Wirth, Karl Maria Wiligut and others promoted speleology as a dignified "national socialist" sport.  So they were very pleased to have a connection to Catalunya.  Otto Rahn, who we mentioned before was Wiligut's disciple -- Wiligut was fired as head of the Ahnenerbe when it was found out that he had broken out of an insane asylum in 1925.  He was known as Himmler's Rasputin and Lord of the Runes.

RH: Follower of Francisco Macia, republican president of Catalonia.

Ronald Hilton 2004


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