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New Topics: February 1 - current, 2005

Austria: Karl and Sainthood

Aviation: Altimeter Settings

Brazil: Amazon and Al Gore

Brazil: Mad Mary

Brazil: Map

Crime: Allan Pinkerton

Crime: Interpol

Cuba: US Trade with Cuba

Cuba: Shades of East Germany

Culture: Arab culture

Democracy: Voting

Economy: Communist

Economy: Full Employment

Education: Brain drain and Gain

Education: Math Performance of 15 year olds

Education: Summer Work for Children

Education: UNESCO stats

Environment: Climate Change

Environment: Texas and Brazil

European Union and Russia

EU: Russia

Europe: Hitler and Napoleon

Europe: Shengen

Europe: Unemployment

Finance: French banks

France: Anti-Americanism

France: German Occupation

France: Civilians Killed in World War II

France: Islamic terrorists

France: Napoleon

France: Napoleon and Naval Wars

France: Napoleon and Russian Campaign

France: Oradour Disputed

France: Pierre Teilhard Chardin

France: Rennes Le Chateau

Germany: Civilian Resistance to Hitler

Germany: Dachau Prison

Germany: Death of Hitler

Germany: Down Fall of Hitler

Germany: Dresden Raid

Germany: First Names

Germany: Hannelore Kohl

Germany: Neo-Nazi Demonstrations Dresden

Germany: Rudolph Rahn and Otto Rahn

Global Issues: National Regional

Greece: Alexander's mother

History: Exile and Ovid

History: Objectivity


Indonesia: Pentagon Based Foreing Policy

Indonesia: Suharto

Iran: Explosion near Iran Nuclear Power

Iran: New Book on Iran

Iran: Shojaeddin Shafa

Iraq: Election votes

Iraq: Greetings Baghdad

Iraq: Killing of Journalist

Iraq: Saddam Hussein

Iraq: Election

Italy: The Communists

Italy: Julius Evola

Iraq: Greetings from Baghdad

Iraq: Elections

France: Islamic Terrorists

Germany: Dachau Prison

Japan: Akira Kurosawa

Language: Dialects from Catalan

Language: first names

Member Nomination: WAIS welcomes Utkan Demirici

Middle East

Poland: Vice President Cheney at Auschwitz

Religion: Cathars

Religion: Episcopalian

Religion: Good and Evil

Religion: Zoroaster and Nietzsche

Romania: Gypsies

Russia: Cargo Planes

Spain: Civil War

Spain: Franco

Spain: Referendum

Spain: Dialects of Catalan

Spain: Linguistic Imperialism

Language: Dialects of Catalon

US: American History Lesson

US: Bonapart Style Regime

US: Corporations

US: Defense Language Institute

US: Higher Education

US: Homeless Veterans

US: Howard Hughes

US: Iran Contra Addair

US: John Newton

US: Marines and General Smedly Butler

US: Jane Fonda

US: State of Union Address By President G.W. Bush

US: Texas Hogg Family

US: US Marines Butler

US: Vaporize Mecca

US: Why Kerry Lost Presidential Elections

Varia: Dates

Venezuela: Exodus

Vietnam: Jane Fonda

World Communication: Email Long

World Communication: Email




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last updated: February 28, 2005