AUSTRIA: Karl and Sainthood

Hungarian Steve Torok writes; Being a Hungarian king must be conducive to sainthood. The first one, St Stephen (1000-1038) was a saint, there was St. Emery, his son, who unfortunately died gored by a wild boar before he could become a king,then St Ladislaus in less then 100 years, with St.Elisabeth, St Margaret (sister and daughter, respectively, of Bela the IVth who reigned 1235-70). It is just fitting that the last king, Karl the IVth, would also be a saint to end the monarchy properly!

RH: The minimum requirement for sainthood is having led an unusually exemplary life.  It has nothing to do with monarchic titles, except as a public relations operation.                           

Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: February 27, 2005