EDUCATION: Math performance by 15 year olds

The number of days children spend in school affects their performance.  I said: Children helped with the harvest, which varies with the crop. Surely there are studies of this? Is that practice completely dead? Now on larger farms the crop is harvested by seasonal workers, usually Mexican. Did the children not help in countries like Japan and Korea?  

From Scotland, George Sassoon says: In Scotland we still have local holidays, varying from place to place, based on agriculture.  'Tattie-planting day' is in about May, when potatoes are planted, and another day for 'tattie-lifting' in the autumn.  I believe that in the Outer Hebrides there are similar holidays for 'the peats'. Performance of children in school is not noticeably affected.

RH:If it is just one day, there would be little impact.  But what about longer agricultural work, such as taking care of cattle?

Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: February 27, 2005