EDUCATION: Summer work for school children

The worldwide problem of school children working in the summer has local variants. Mike Sullivan reports: There is a big controversy in North Carolina today over summer vacations for high school students.  Lately the schools have been letting out in early Many and going back in early August.  Farmers, beach stores for vacationing tourists and resorts are complaining that their summer vacation, high school labor force  is going back to school three weeks early and leaving them in a lurch.  Many crops, including tobacco, are harvested just efore Labor Day and the tourist beach vacation season doesn't end till Labor Day.  In times past the summer vacations were based around those requirements.  It appears the State Legislature has approved after much debate that next September high schools will go back to the old dates of school letting out in late May, early June and going back in session  after Labor Day. One of the side issues for returning to the later dates is the money they'd save on not air conditioning the schools three weeks early during the hottest part of the summer.  

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last updated: February 27, 2005