Germany: The death of Hitler

Jim Tent says: No matter what happened to other prominent fascist figures at the end of World War II, Hitler was determined in the end to preserve a (perverted) image of himself as the guardian of German greatness. He, like the Wagnerian opera figures of his youth (whom he loved enduringly) would die in a dramatic setting of his choosing. We should never forget that Hitler remained a neo-romantic throughout his turbulent life. Wagner's operas remained central to this perverted mindset. That is why Hitler ultimately chose to stay in the Capital of the Gross Deutsches Reich (Berlin) and to die there. Therefore, Mussolini's capture, execution, and the subsequent display of his mortal remains were events that Hitler would wish to avoid. Nevertheless, it is a delicious thought to imagine Hitler and Goebbels sweating it out on the docket in Nuremberg attempting to defend themselves and their movement alongside co-conspirators such as the clever but amoral Hermann Goering, the obviously gross Julius Schleicher, and that unequivocal fool, Joachim "von" Ribbentrop.

Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: February 27, 2005