IRAN: Shojaeddin Shafa, Encyclopedia

Nushin Namazi of Iran is in touch with the well-known Iranian intellectual Shojaeddin Shafa, who writes: An important cultural work in which I am at present engaged is the supervision of the publication of an encyclopaedia in twenty volumes which includes all the information regarding Iran's cultural relations with each foreign country and world civilization and the influence of Iran on them from earliest times until present day. Years before the revolution, this project was being implemented by the Pahlavi Libray under my direction and with the graceful patronage of the Sovereign. The first volume was published, and I'll send you by fax the views of more than 80 universities and academies about this huge cultural undertaking. A collection of more than 30,000 documents related to this work fortunately were hidden in Iran and unexpectedly reached me after more than 25 years.

RH: This important work will be of the greatest interest to WAIS, but since it is presumably written in farsi it will help only the few who know that language.  I unfortunately am not among them.

Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: February 28, 2005