Spain: Civil War

Holger Terp writes: Danish research into the civil war in Spain is not very good. However, I have added one rare contemporary publication to the Danish Peace Academy's collection:
Horup, Ellen: SPAIN - the Battlefield of Capitalism,

Regarding books about the Spanish Civil War, Christian Leitz says: What about Morten Heiberg's work, most notably Emperadores del Mediterraneo: Franco, Mussolini y la Guerra Civil Española? RH: Morten Heiberg is the author of two new books on the Spanish Civil War. Los negocios de la guerra: armas nazis para la republica española (Editorial Critica , 2005) describes how Goering shamefacedly sold Nazu weapons to the Republican side. using Greek arms dealers as intermediaries. Emperadores Del Mediterraneo: Franco, Mussolini y la Guerra Civil Española (Editorial Critica , 2003) describes how Mussolini planned to make Spain an Italian colony as part of his dream of making the Mediterranean "mare nostrum". Franco must gave realized this, and so was not enthusiastic about an Axis victory in World War II. Mussolini, the megalomaniac, was hanged by the people he planned to lead to victory.  Franco, the cautious gallego, basked in official glory until his death, and today there are Spaniards who dream of the good old times of Franco.

On the interests of brevity, I said Mussolini was hanged. Christopher Jones clarifies: It is a detail, but Mussolini was assassinated, when he was shot by partisans.  His body was then transported to Milan where it was hung upside down (by this time, the body had been disfigured by the perverted ghouls who carried out the outrage).  In the night, Fascisti were able to recover his remains and bury them in secret.  Today the Duce rests in the Mussolini family cript in the Emilia Romagna under the 24 hour watch of two blackshirts.  Italy is the irror/negative image of Spain. In the Italian civil war (1943-45), the communists won.  In the Spanish civil war, thanks to the Caudillo, they lost. Gracias a Díos. Many Spaniards today are fed up with "democracy" for illegal immigrants, pornographers and hoodlums.  Many have told me as recently as three weeks ago that they hope there will be another February 23 coup.  An interesting event will be this weekend's referendum on the European constitution.  RH: Does Christopher want a military coup and the establishment of a Franco-style regime, even thought it might involve another civil war? I do not.  More important, the Spanish people do not, and King Juan Carlos would not tolerate it.

Carlos Lopez says: I agree totally that the Spanish people do not want another Franco or another Civil War, but there is no question they are fed up with the disappearance of law and order, the immmigration, tolerance of pornography, gambling, crime and Basque terrorism and other evils. How long will Zapatero last? My sources indicate he will not complete his term.

RH: I have no concrete data to support or refute this prophecy. The ills which Carlos lists are present in the US.  Indeed, by legalizing casinos the government is encouraging gambling.

Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: February 28, 2005