Spain: Dialects of Catalan etc.

Europe is full of odd dialects.  Christopher Jones takes us the case of Catalan: Don't forget the differences inside Catalunya proper, where the linguistics were accompanied by political "opinions."  The northeast of Catalunya was filled with Carlistas;  because of the wind named the "Tramuntana" the accent of the Ampurdán is simply shouted;the mystery of the Balearics is not Menorcan but rather Ibicenco, from Eivissa.  A rare sort of language survives there that some say is Phoenician full of squeaks and whistles.  Ibiza has plenty of Phoenician ruins and some statues of the Carthaginian Goddess Tanit.

RH: There are three main Balearic islands:  Ibiza (Eivissa), Majorca and Minorca.  Ibiza, the closest to the Spanish mainland, is small. It was previously almost unknown, but I assume it has developed into a resort.

Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: February 2, 2005