US: Why Kerry lost the presidential elections.

Daryl DeBell explains the presidential elections: The Democrats lost because Kerry looks like a mortician; besides he is too intellectual. Bush hunches his shoulders, thrusts his head and his chin forward, and believes we are in the 'last days'. as do most of his followers.

RH: Sounds to me that this makes Bush a mortician too.

Frpm the Bay Area, Daryl DeBell said Kerry lost the presidential elections because he looks like a mortician and is too intellectual.  From Texas, Randy Black objects:
    Kerry does not look like any mortician that I have ever seen, and I‚ve been to two funerals this month, and a few dozen in the past couple of years. If anything, Kerry looks like „some‰ televangelists.
   Senator Kerry attempted to portray himself as an intellectual, but in the final analysis, he is nothing more than an elitist, a rich kid from Boston who flies around on private jets and who lives off his „African-American‰ wife (her words) and his seven trust funds.
    The Democrats lost because their candidate and their platform did not attract a majority of the voters.
   President Bush does not believe that we are in our last days, and there is no evidence to support such a preposterous claim.
   President Bush won the election because a majority of voters found his policies more attractive than those proposed by Senator Kerry.
    See item three.

RH: Perhaps in Texas they have jolly morticians.

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