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Mike Sullivan writes: I'm not a computer expert at all, and I'm basically self taught like most of us.  When I used to be on dial up prior to getting wireless and after a couple of upgrades in my email program I could check the size of the email prior to downloading it and delete it if was too large.   Do Martin, John and George have that capability?  Christopher Jones appears to have it.  If they don't, it's a real problem as your computer e-mail program is completely tied up till it downloads all e-mails and the long ones take forever....I used to switch to internet backgammon or hearts, and it would take even longer to down load emails but at least I was doing something where I had to think as we do not pay for internet time used.
It's a whole new life with broadband,  Besides the tremendous speed, I get no spam. I used to get between 200 and 300 a day..  It would take me an hour or so just to check the spam file as there were always a few good emails in there.  Many were from you, so I had to check it faithfully.  Also about 10-15% of the spam e-mails weren't caught by the spam blocker and they showed up in my regular emails. The high speed service also provides a free virus protection, but I still check with or weekly for any viruses.  They are free services and work well.

RH: I envy computer experts. I use DSL, but the telephone line in our area is old, and sometimes malfunctions.  Our cable TV service Comcast has much newer lines, and it now offers broadband connections. I believe John Wonder has it, but I am concerned about discombobulating a system which I use all day, every day.  I have been thinking of sending WAIS material over the net, but I have been unable to find instructions as to how to do it.  The problem is essentially sending postings to a list.  I doubt that wireless would help.

Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: February 27, 2005