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New Topics: March 1 - 31, 2005

Aviation: Airbus vs. Boeing

Benefactors: Ed Jajko

Benefactors: Maxine Thomas and Gordon Jackson

Brazil: How Americans View Brazil

Brazil: Percy Farquhar

Brazil: Regional Integration Models

Canada: The Founding of New France

Communism: Technology Caused the Death of Communism in Russia


Cuba: Humbertini Fontova

Culture: Castration

Culture: Castration and Rocky Mountain Oysters

Culture: Cemeteries

Dictators: Mussolini

Diplomacy: Kennan

Drugs: Absinthe

Economy: Accounting

Economy: Bankruptcy

Economy: Farming Cruelty: Docking Pig and Cow Tails

Economy: Unemployment

Egypt: Cairo

Energy: Alaska Natural Wild Life Refuge

Energy: Oil

England: Fox Hunting

Environment: Landscape

Environment: Dutch Elm Disease

Environment: Urban Foxes

Europe: Constitution

France: Antisemitism and convervatism

France: Persistance and Antisemitism

France: Labor Unions Cause Chaos

France: Vichy and Marshal Pétain. Pierre LAval.

France: Maréchal, nous voilà!

France: Rene Guenon


Geography: canals from Pacific to Caribbean

Germany: Labor Problems

Germany: Gunther Weisenborn, DE R LAUTLOSE AUFSTAND

Germany: Johann Christoph Friedrich von SCHILLERR (1759- 1805)

Global Issues: Amnesty International and Peter Benenson

History: Gordon Brown

History: Ides of March

History: Population Precolumbian America

History: Teach Around the World: Japan and Asia

Hungary: Report from Steve Torok

Internet: Fooled Again

Iran: Economic Sanctions by America

Iran: Los Angeles Den of Intrigue

Iran: New Year

Iran: Nuclear Weapons

Iraq: US Armed Forces

Israel: Report from Eugen Solf

Kaszakstan: Astana

Kaszakstan: Waiser John Brademas

Literature: Minotaur Borges

Leaders: Current World Leaders Almanc

Member Information: Anthony Smith

Member Information: Sassoons

Mexico: WAISER Linda Nyquist

Mexico: Mexican railroads

Mexico: Missionaries

Mexico: National Anthem

Music: EU National Anthem

Music: National Anthem - France

Religion: A touch of evil

Religion: Easter

Religion: Heinz Family Mystery: Jewish?

Religion: Mithraism and Buddhism

Religion: Mithraism and Christianity

Religion: Origin of Easter

Religion: USSR Orders Pope Assassination

Russia: Economic Growth Stalls

Russia: Invasion of Russia

Russia: Statues of Lenin and Stalin

Russia: Nazi Invasion

Saudi Arabia: Extended Families

Science: Thomas Gold

Scotland: Isle of Mull

Spain: Number Dead in Spanish Civil War

Spain: WAISER John Brademas

Spain: Statues of Franco

Spain: Why Hitler Did Not Invade Spain?

Spain: Railroad Gauges


Transportation: Air Travel

Transporation: Trucks in US and Mexico

Turkey: The Hittites

UK: John Profumo

UK: Worm Woods Scrub Jail

UK: Sir William Deakin --Founder of

United Nations: Report on Narcotics

United Nations: Wolfowitz

Universities: Oxford College

Universities: Stanford and War

US: Bush Appointees

US: Ellen Tauscher and Sudan

US: Indians and Slaves

US: Mark Keith Benenson

US: Outsourcing

US: Rolling Stone Article and

US: Santa Barbara: Music and Oil

US: Texas Strike Laws

US: Texas Television Strikes

US: Walmart

US: World Economy

US: Clyde Prestowitz: Rogue Nation

Vietnam: Vietnam War

War: WWII sinking of French Fleet and British Attack

War Crimes: Torture




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last updated: June 17, 2005