Dictators: Mussolini

WAISers disagree sharply on the merits of dictators like Franco and Mussolini.  In this regard, an excellent documentary about that extraordinary woman Ida Tarbell is relevant. After writing about Lincoln she tackled big business, especially John D. Rockefeller, and inspired Teddy Roosevelt in his campaign against big business and trusts.  She was deeply concerned about the miserable housing of the poor. At the age of seventy, she was sent to Italy to write about Mussolini and his regime.  It was assumed that she would write blistering attacks on him.  She met him and found out that it was a major concern of his too.  They got along well.  It would be interesting to see the text of her articles. This was in 1927, before he started his international adventures-  It may be that he had been told to be nice to her, since she wielded considerable influence in the US. But they shared a concern for the plight of the people.

Ronald Hilton 2005


last updated: April 13, 2005