Europe: Constitution

George Sassoon says the EU constitution may be downloaded at
EUROPA - Constitution

RH:Since it is given in 21 languages, it is horrendously long.  I did not have the time to check the issues we have raised about it. Is the official name of Europe Europa?

George Sassoon writes: Voters in France will be sent copies of the constitution (180 pp.), and there is a web site giving information about the vote which is said to be scrupulously fair about the consequences of a yes or no choice.  The web site is:  British voters, if given a chance to vote about whether to accept or reject the constitution, will be given no such assistance, and the question asked on the voting form is said to be biassed in favor of a 'yes' vote.  A German politician said that the constitution will be 'the birth certificate of the United States of Europe'.

RH: Some French politicians are promoting a no vote to embarrass the government. I suspect that something similar is going on in the UK.

One problem with e-mail is that, unless the address is absolutely correct, the message will not get through. From Paris, Carmen Negrín corrects the url for the European constitution given by George Sassoon: It is (with two"n"s!), otherwise you won't find anything...

RH: This made me think of Not One "Jot Or Tittle" (Matthew 5:18) "For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled. ..." A tittle is defined as"a small diacritic mark, such as an accent, vowel mark, or dot over an i."  Moral: When typing an e-mail address or url, take care of the jots and tittles.  However, "européenne" should have an accent, i.e. a tittle, but Carmen does not provide one.  Apparently they are not required in French computerese. The French Academy must be aghast.

Ronald Hilton 2005


last updated: April 13, 2005