FRANCE: Antisemitism and conservatism

Christopher Jones writes: I don't like to glorify vandalism and petty crime by giving it a political connotation.  Any numbskull who perpetrates outrageous vandalism on cementeries is only a criminal and to raise his status to "political action" is simply giving him what he wants.  Like a broken record, I have had to point out that the majority of France's Jews live peacefully in the largest Jewish community in western Europe.  In the report that Jon Kofas has passed along, there are some misrepresentations; Maurice Barrès may have been a right wing intellectual, but so were most of France intellectual elite in the early years of the XXth century. (Pierre Drieu la Rochelle, Charles Maurras, Robert Brasillach, Maurice Bardèche, Charles Péguy, Ferdinand Céline, Henry de Montherlant)  For example, Americans would be probably surprised to know that beloved Cmdr. Jacques Cousteau's brother, Pierre Antoine was an extreme right  journalist who was condemned to death after the war (sentence commuted); many turn the Dreyfus affair into a generalized witchhunt of Jews -- in fact, it was much more about France's resentment of Germany and generalized Germanophobia rather than outright antisemitism.  Dreyfus was himself a known as a "pisse-froid" -- an outsider who was very unpopular among his brother officers.  Regarding the memory of Marshal Pétain, a few days ago, I was with a small group of people. Casually I mentioned the site that proclaims that an "Arrêt" of the European Court protects the right to defend the memory of the Marshal, one of them looked incredulous and said,"why shouldn't anyone not want to defend Pétain.  His memory should be defended by us all." This American administration is always trying to use the "Jewish" stick to beat on the heads of anybody who doesn't fall in line with their distortions of history (including some brave Jews who don't agree with these mafioso tactics). 
Regarding the Moslem community, France and Germany in particular and Europe in general have a huge problem.  Like the Turks in Germany, the Maghrebis live in their own cultures and refuse to assimilate. Many refuse to learn the language. These "banlieues" [suburbs] are dangerous places.  Recently, it has been highlighted in Germany as well as in France the plight of Moslem women who refuse to participate in "arranged marriages"  So far, this has led to 5000 ( ! ) murders -- in Germany -- of these women because they dared to say "no" to their fathers and brothers.  One woman said that an arranged marriage is a non stop rape over years.  I have heard similar stories in France.  We have to realize that these people can never be assimilated and the best solution is repatriation.  I believe that repatriation could eventually become a positive for those countries like Morocco or Turkey, because those returning should (hopefully) bring with them, the winds of change.  Who is to blame?  Chirac and the opposition socialists of course but behind them, the entire politically correct power structure that includes the media and of course philosophically, the Americans themselves.  Their preaching of multi culturalism is the real culprit.  At any rate, the longer the governing elite refuses to listen to the people, the greater the backlash will become.  So far, it looks like France will reject the EU constitution.

RH: French TV today had two items relevant to what Christopher says..  Antisemitic acts of violence have doubled this year. A Jewish cemetery was shown with swastikas painted on all the headstones.  Since the perpetrators are unknown, it is unclear whether the perpetrators are young European neo-Nazis or Muslims. There has indeed been a surge of opposition to the EU constitution, but leaders of many parties and groups are organizing pro-constitution demonstrations.  There was a long TV debate on the consequences of a no vote, most of them harmful to France. As for the statement "Maurice Barrès may have been a right wing intellectual, but so were most of France intellectual elite in the early years of the XXth century". the word "most" is questionable.  There were at least as many liberal intellectuals, beginning with Anatole France.  The anticlerical 1905 law is much discussed these days, and a majority of intellectuals supported it.

Christopher Jones sends a small footnote to his posting on France: the media always focuses on the vandalism of Jewish or Moslem cemeteries but I have yet to see a report on the vandalism of Christian cemeteries.  That is not "politically correct." [ RH: Are Christian cemeteries: in France vandalized? By whom?]  Of course there were other intellectuals at the beginning of the last century besides the rightists.  But to try and link the genius of a Montherlant or Brasillach with the vandalism of cemeteries is outrageous, just as it is a scandal to mention the name of Marshal Pétain in the same breath with so called "neo-Nazi" hoodlums.  He may have made some errors in judgement, but Pétain was a great French patriot.

Ronald Hilton 2005


last updated: April 16, 2005