A number of elite universities, including Stanford, made the mistake of abolishing their geography departments.
It is almost taboo to use the word, so use the word space, which sounds modern and technological.  Geographers patiently and correctly explain that geography synthesizes a number of academic disciplines. Put these together and you have at the University of California at Santa Barbara the Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science (CSISS). It is currently accepting applications for participation in workshops under its Spatial Perspectives on Analysis for Curriculum Enhancement (SPACE) program, to be held this summer.  Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, SPACE seeks to disseminate tools and concepts for spatial thinking to individuals responsible for developing undergraduate curricula in the social sciences.  The workshops are free to selected participants and scholarship support is available to help defray the cost of travel and lodging.  The application deadline is April 15, 2005. See

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