Leaders: Current World Leaders Almanac

The February, 2005 issue of Current World Leaders Almanac, edited by Steven L. Popp, has just reached my desk. It represents an enormous amount of work,since it covers 193 countries,  31 colonies and dependent territories and 39 international organization. Changes are constant, even among the members of the US cabinet. Then there are upheavals like those in Ukraine and Lebenon.  Printing and mailing take time, so that some lists are out of date. For the latest information, one should consult the online version, CWIK (Current World Information Knowledgebase).  For details, go to info@cwik.com.  The father of this impressive enterprise was none other than Eric Boehm, upon whose retirement Steve Popp took over.

Ronald Hilton 2005


last updated: April 16, 2005