Mexico: Mexican Railroads

I once traveled all over Mexico by rail. In 1944-5, when I went from San Francisco to Buenos Aires by land, I traveled from the US to Suchiate on the Guatemalan border by train. In the Chiapas section there was in the Pullman a repulsive old revolutionary, who owned large tracts of land in spite of the agrarian law. When I asked him why the government did not intervene, he sad scornfully "In have my own army".  That is background for what has been going on in Chiapas in recent years.  Linda Nyquist reports on the demise of Mexican railway passenger service: ...Are you aware that there is no longer any passenger train service in Mexico (with the exception of the spectacular Chihuahua-Pacifico train which transverses the Copper Canyon). This has been terribly disappointing. It was just about 10 years ago that the Mexican Government was actively promoting a "new" service from Mexico City to San Miguel  and to Zacatecas called La Constitucionalista (it was wonderful). The service to Oaxaca used to be lots of fun, although admittedly slow, and between Guadalajara and Mexico City. The train ride from Oaxaca to Yucatan had a bad press for a number of years because allegedly there were robberies in the Villahermosa area. The belief was widely held that you got on at your own peril and could expect a marauding band of thieves to get you at some point before your arrival in Merida. To make a  long story short, the train is now only for freight. It is said that even that is limited. Puebla has a rather quaint railroad museum, which is all the more interesting now. I just cannot think of Mexico without the trains. Progress. Bah humbug.

RH: There is excellent bus service in most parts of Mexico.

Ronald Hilton 2005


last updated: April 12, 2005