Heinz Family Mystery

When John Kerry was running for the presidency,  we discussed the possible Jewish origins of the Heinz family. 

Now Sheridan Friedman writes: Is there any way of verifying a story that has been told through the years in our family. My grandmother's grandmother was (according to family legend) a Miss Heinz (of the HJ Heinz variety) and was Jewish. She married my grandmother's grandfather (obviously) who was a Mr. West (I think) and a Catholic or Protestant. Because he did not covert to Judaism, she was shunned by her family - in fact to the point of being declared 'dead' by them - and she was disinherited. Because of this she became a very bitter person who made everyone's life a misery. We have always assumed that the Heinz family were Jewish, based on the above story, and since they were the first company to produce Kosher foods, in the early 1920's. Then, a few months ago, there was a programme on TV about the Heinz's, and it was stated that they were Lutheran.

RH: This might have been to counteract stories about Kerry's Jewish connection.  In any case, it didn't work.

Ronald Hilton 2005


last updated: April 16, 2005