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New Topics: April 1- 30, 2005

Awards: Nobel Title: Baron

Belgium: Brussels Academy and Benjamin Franklin Book on Farts

Brazil: Amazonia and Sister Stang

Brazil: Happiness

Brazil: Minimum Wages vs. Rest of World

Central America: US vs. Soviet /Cuban Military

China: Japanese Text Books

China: Report from Mike Bourne

Communism: Jews

Communism: Communist Parties and Their Fate

Crime: Scams

Cuba: Bay of Pigs Forty Four Years Later

Cuba: Its Future

Cuba: US Invasion

Democracy: Alexis De Toqueville

Democracy: John Luckas Populism

Democracy: Law and Order

Economy: Social Security Models

Egypt: Hateshepsut Thutmoseii II

Energy: Gasoline Prices: US vs. Europe

England: Parliament

Environment: Snakes

Food: Margarine

Germany: David Irving and Holocaust

History: Boadicea and Roman Britons

History: Learning History: Ireland

History: Learning History: Passover

History: Learning History: Textbooks

Holocaust: Arithmetic

Internet: Patron Saint of Internet

Iran: Open Letter to Musee

Japan: Its History

Korea: War and Germ Warfare

Language: Termagant

Language: Word Origins

Latin America: Grenada Education and Cuba

Latin America: Threat to USA?

Latin America: Universities

Law: Law and Order

Law: Terry Schiavio case

Lebanon: Learning History

Music: US Battle Hymn Republic

Religion: Death of Pope Paul II

Religion: Christian Zionists

Religion: Christ Story among American Indians

Religion: Election of Pope Benedict XVI

Religion: Funeral of Pope John Paul

Religion: Judaism and Death of Shahak

Religion: Judaism and Intolerance

Religion: Judaism, Israel, and Shahak

Religion: Papacy is the Anti-Christ

Religion: Patron Saint of Lost Objects

Religion: Second Coming of Christ

Religion: USSR Ordered the Assassination of Pope John Paul II

Russia: Capitalism

Russia: Community Party

Russia: Lenin and Jews

Russia: Sinking of Kursk

Russia: Vladimir Zhirnovsky

Saudi Arabia: Human Development Project

Scotland: Blackface Sheep

Spain: Cervantes and Don Quiote

Spain: Civil War Memories

Spain: Franco Valley

Spain: Return of Sephardic Jews

Switzerland: Jews

Terrorism: Military Tactic

United Nations: John Bolton

Universities: A tribute to Eugen Weber

US: Cherokee Indian Population

US: Congress Works Filibuster

US: Dixieland

US: Foreign and Military Policy

US: How congress Works: Lee Hamilton

US: Military Expenditures

US: Spreading Democracy

US: Tom Taylor: Our American Cousin

US: Travel to America

Venezuela: Victor Chavez

War: Just War and Religion

War: WWI and Armistice Day

Worldcommunication: TV, Fox, and Rupert Murdoch





Ronald Hilton 2005


last updated: June 11, 2005