Communist Parties and their fate

Christopher Jones says: David Crow conveniently cuts East Germany from Eva Fitzek's comment about the future of communist parties.  The old SED imploded and was defeated by the East German electorate even before its fusion into the Federal Republic.  The old communists in most Slavic countries simply picked up on voter dissatisfaction, transforming themselves into "social democrats."  (Which only confirms my conviction that the communist fox loves to disguise himself as a socialist pussycat)  The failure of the liberals or conservatives to improve the oppressive atmosphere of economic decay brought the ex-communists back to power in countries with little or no experience of democratic process.  Cuba is another matter and perhaps more comparable to East Germany.  To "fix" Cuba will require copious drafts of money.  Where will it come from?  [we all know where--international money means enslavement to the lenders (eg Argentina)  Although the Cubans had an exemplary constitution in 1940, will they simply pick up were they left off?  In my mind, one thing is certain: if the Cuban communists remain loyal to "fidelismo", they are headed for the trash can of history.

Ronald Hilton 2005


last updated: June 8, 2005